How long do I need to wait for my placement fee and how can I get my placement fee?

The process is divided into three phases. First you invoice us for the placement fee. We function as a master vendor during the process and we send the invoice to the employer with the candidate’s start date. The last phase is the release of invoice from our side and your fee is released in two phases:
Phase 1: Upon 46 days, you are paid 50% of the fee
Phase 2: Upon 61 days, you are paid the remaining 50% of the fee
We maintain a Client Trust Account and during the rebate period, the placement fee for a candidate is held by us in the same account.

How a vacancy is qualified?

Our client relationship team takes the responsibility to check the quality of any vacancy before its goes live on the marketplace. Our team takes the responsibility to call the employer and collect necessary details from them to develop a complete brief about the potential candidate and timeframe for recruitment.
We ensure employers are fully engaged in the process and makes an effort to fill their vacancy via the potential marketplace. Our client relationship team works to ensure the quality of employers and vacancies is maintained in our marketplace.

Can I know the process that follows when a candidate leaves while in the rebate period?

In such a situation, we first call the employer to get a clear picture of the event and determine the actual cause of the event. We have a very clear rebate period:
• The employer is not required to pay any fee, in case the candidate did not start working
• The employer is given 100% rebate, if the candidate leaves between 0 to 45 days
• The employer is given 50% rebate, if the candidate leaves between 46 to 60 days

What is the most likely scenario that follows when the employer does not pay the placement fee?

We have established clear payment terms and we maintain a rigid collection process. If, in case, a fee is overdue for more than 14 days, we will not only notify you, but will also chase the payment ourselves.
Late payments are considered a serious matter and each case is taken individually. We hold the power to assign debt collection in case the employer fails to clear the payments, however, we do not reach to that point in most cases.