About Us

About Us

Staffing and Employment Marketplace UK – Change-Exchange

Change Exchange has been connecting Recruiters with Employers since 2018. Based in London, Change Exchange was founded by a group of recruiters who saw the need for a secure, web-based platform where employers can post their jobs for Recruitment agencies to fill quickly and more efficiently.

For Employers, You the Employer will set the fee your willing to pay to fill the role on offer.
Companies that are hiring post their vacancies to the marketplace Along with the job details, the company sets the maximum fee that they will pay a recruiter on successful placement. Recruiter will send candidates that fit your requirements for the role advertised.
Specialist recruiters interested in the role (and the fee!) can apply to work on it. Once you allow engagement, the agency can start submitting suitable candidates.

For recruiters, Change Exchange is the best Recruitment marketplace and best business development tool for Recruitment agencies. All roles on the Marketplace are posted by real employers, eager to hire. Simply submit suitable candidates for the roles that you think you can fill, and get paid when your candidate gets the job! We are the Most experienced Recruitment Marketplace and online job marketplace agency based in London UK

We believe in recruiting better candidates faster.


We work with you to make sure you recruit the best candidates on the market, we believe a successful business is built on trust and results and this is what Change Exchange Group aim to do.


We help to grow small, independent recruitment agencies because we think they should also have the opportunity to work with big employers and to prove there skills. We support them, so they can use their advantages over those bigger recruiters.


We believe that relationships are built on trust and this is why we’re clear and honest about what we want from the start. Starting a relationship with Change leads to a better outcome for recruiters and employers.