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Change Exchange is the Biggest Recruitment Marketplace & best business development tool for Recruitment agencies in the UK. All roles on the Specialist recruiters marketplace are posted by real employers, eager to hire. Simply submit suitable candidates for the roles that you think you can fill, and get paid when your candidate gets the job!

100+ Job marketplace agencies across the UK now use Change Exchange. For some we are an extra revenue stream for their business, for others we are their sole source of new business. Whatever your situation, if you’ve got great candidates there’s money to be made!

How It Works


Engage On Roles

Search the Recruitment Marketplace for roles that you’re keen to work on. We’re adding new roles across all sectors and levels everyday so there’s plenty to choose from.


Submit Candidates

Once you’re engaged on a role, you’ll get the full details of the client and their requirements. Start your search and get some suitable candidates across as soon as possible.


Get Paid!

The client will move your candidates through their hiring process as normal, setting up interviews via the platform. If your candidate gets hired, you get paid the fee the role was posted at. Simple.